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Asbestos Information


As a professional contractor, we have a duty to protect our clients, their families and our employees from the dangers that we can come across during a renovation. One of the many threats that can come up is exposure to hazardous material during and after the demolition phase of your project. Prior to 1990, many homes were inadvertently built with materials that have been proven to cause many illnesses and deaths i.e. lead paints, asbestos laden vermiculite insulation, asbestos backed vinyl flooring etc. It is our goal, to not only make your home more comfortable, beautiful, and energy efficient, but safer for you and your family.

WorkSafe BC (formerly WCB – Workers’ Compensation Board) has mandated all contractors and homeowners to perform a “Risk Assessment” before commencing work on any existing household that may contain hazardous material. The plan is to identify, remove, and properly dispose of any hazardous material that will pose a health risk to your family or our employees during and after the renovation. Not only will this make your house safer for you and your family, but it will provide you with third party documentation that the threat has been removed or is not existent in your property should you chose to sell.

Failing to do the assessment may be putting the health and safety of your family at risk, and opening you up to the many legal ramifications of failing to or improperly disposing of hazardous material. Remember, just because you don’t know its there does not mean it can’t harm you.

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