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Clear communication required for successful kitchen reno, Victoria BC contractor says

It’s not enough to do award-winning work, says James Latham, owner of Capital City Construction. For clients to become repeat customers, clear communication, “no surprises,” and extra service are what build trust during and after a major project. Whether it’s structural work, exteriors, decks, home remodeling, updating a bathroom or a full kitchen reno, Victoria, BC clients are hiring Capital City Construction again and again. They are repeat customers because they get treated like family— and the work is exceptional, too.

Bath, kitchen reno goes smoothly when contractor treats you “like family”

Eight major renovation projects completed in one family’s heritage house— including three bathrooms, window and exterior refurbishments, and an award-winning kitchen reno. Victoria, BC homeowner Sheila Gallagher keeps coming back to James at Capital City Construction, because she’s sure she’s found the best contractor she could work with.

Sheila and her husband Peter hired James to do their first major project: a complete kitchen reno. Victoria, BC Residential Builders Association (VRBA) gave the Gallagher’s kitchen renovation a gold Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence (CARE) Award for Vancouver Island in 2003.

After a job, it’s almost like James is a “member of the family,” Sheila says. “He’s got your back, even when he’s not officially on the job.” Whenever she needs something small done, and is looking for someone in the trades, she asks James. 

Excellent problem-solving and a “can-do attitude,” whatever the job requires

It wasn’t just the CARE award for the kitchen reno that made Capital City Construction the obvious choice for their next major project. “James is just so easy to get along with,” Sheila explains. “He’s so knowledgable, too.” His problem-solving skills and “can-do” attitude really impress her as well.

When James hasn’t been available, Sheila has tried other companies, but they will either “disappear into the ether” after giving a quote, or tell her “it can’t be done.” But this is never the case with James. “There will be some issue, and he comes up with a bright idea,” Sheila says. “Whatever he does, everything works.” In fact, when Sheila had to hire another company, the work wasn’t done properly, and she hired James to do it over again. 

Victoria, BC contractor says “trust is everything”

The budgeting and invoice process has always been straightforward with Capital City Construction, Sheila says. “James always give me a heads up if things are seeming to be more than we first thought.” This means no surprises afterward with the invoice. “It’s all itemized, and he gives me all the receipts from LumberWorld, and places like that.” She says she has a pretty good sense of what renovations cost, [1] and she trusts that James will always tell her whenever there may be an additional cost. [2]

“Trust is everything,” says James. “Trust is life. And I like to come in under the budget.” Communication with his clients is so important, he says. “No one likes surprises.” When issues may arise, he says, it’s better to address it in the beginning, and be completely transparent about any additional charges that may result.

When working with Capital City Construction on “major renos,” Sheila says, “we haven’t had a problem with cost overruns.” Whatever unforeseen changes or issues need to be addressed, she says, she feels that the communication is clear, and she always feel that the bill is fair.

Happy client says contractor has “really good contacts”

“If there’s anything I need doing around the house, I just send James an email,” Sheila says. “When I ask if he knows anyone who can do whatever it is, he seems to have really good contacts.” She needed electrical work recently, and he got back to her right away. “He just gave me the name of one of the people that he uses. I dealt with the electrician directly; he was great, and off he went.” She understands that James receives no compensation for these small job referrals, and really appreciates the friendly extra service.

It’s all part of the package when you are his client, James says. It’s not just about the major work, the bathroom remodel, or the kitchen reno. Victoria, BC has a huge number of tradespeople, and not all are equal. James is happy to provide his clients with direct connections to the best professionals in the trades. “There’s no money in that for me,” he says, “but when you are my client, you are like family.”

Hiring Capital City Construction AGAIN for next major reno 

Sheila and Peter Gallagher have hired Capital City Construction so many times. They have built decks, remodeled bathrooms, and did the kitchen reno. They refurbished the roof and exterior of their home, and remodeled their media room.

Now they are planning another big project. For the major remodeling of their living room, structural work is required, and the rebuilding of an entryway. They didn’t hesitate for a moment, and hired James and the Capital City Construction crew. After 18 years and eight successful renovations, and all of the “little extra things” James has done for them along the way, they wouldn’t trust their home improvements to anyone else.